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Welcome to the Martin County Historical Society! Our Mission is to preserve and share the history of Martin County by acquiring, conserving, appropriately displaying, and making it accessible for viewing, research, and educational purposes. We hope you enjoy the many features of our site; please contact us if you have any questions or requests. Thank you for taking the time to enjoy Martin County’s History!

MCHS Updates

January 7:

You may have noticed recently that the MCHS has been down or unavailable. We have had some issues with our site lately but we think these have been resolved. While everything should be back to normal we are still checking for bugs and errors. If you, web friends, notice any bugs and errors yourselves please do inform us. It may not be fixed immediately but it will be addressed.

Despite these issues and the recent frigid weather the MCHS continues to thrive through winter. Our year end fundraiser has done well (and there is still time to donate!). We have gotten a surprising amount of visitors so far. The Parsonage was decorated for Christmas and if you drive by you can still see the lights of the trees and candles. We had the Mayo Group put on their Homes for the Holidays tour at the Parsonage, another local group held their Christmas party there, and we've also had a Bridal Shower over there as well (for my own fiancée!). At the museum we also hosted a conference for Holiday Inn.

All of that plus the Holidays? We've been pretty busy!

-James Marushin

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