New Ordinances

Newly adopted ordinances by the Fairmont City Council are available by selecting the various link below.

Adopted 6/11/18
Ordinance 2018-13
Ordinance amending Fairmont City Code Chapter 23, Article I. in General, Sec.23-1. Vacating Public Grounds and Streets.

Adopted 3/26/18
Ordinance 2018-12
Ordinance pertaining to Restrictive Floodplain Management.

Adopted 3/12/18
Ordinance 2018-11
Ordinance pertaining to Stormwater.

Adopted 2/12/18
Ordinances 2018-02 to 2018-10
Ordinances amending various subsections of Fairmont City Code Article II, Section 26.

Adopted 1/31/18
Ordinance 2018-01
An ordinance amending Ordinance 2016-01 of the City of Fairmont, Relating to the Softened Water Service Rates.

Adopted 8/28/17
Ordinance 2017-08
An ordinance amending Fairmont City Code Chapter 26 Zoning. Article II. Division 2. Amendments. Sec. 26-40. Action by City Council.

Adopted 7/31/17
Ordinance 2017-07
An ordinance amending Fairmont City Code Chapter 26. Definitions and Sections 26-152 (e)(2), 26-153 (e)(2) and 26-205 (5) and 9 (c) Regulating Building Height.

Adopted 6/26/17
Ordinance 2017-05
An ordinance amending ordinance 2016-05, Establishing a Rural and Urban Service District within the Municipal Limits of the City of Fairmont.
Ordinance 2017-06
An ordinance adopting a 1/2 percent sales and use tax for the City of Fairmont, Minnesota.


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