Human Rights Commission

The Fairmont Human Rights Commission is a seven member panel, set up in 1998 by city ordinance, which typically meets the third Thursday at 5:30 pm in the City Hall second floor conference room (contact Fairmont City Hall at (507) 238-9461 regarding the meeting schedule) . Members serve a three year term and are responsible for:

  • advising the City Council regarding civil rights and human rights issues and policies
  • developing programs of formal and informal education and conflict resolution
  • coordinating efforts with neighboring Human Rights Commissions
  • making recommendations to the City Council on adoption of specific policies or actions needed to provide for full equal opportunity in the community


According to the Minnesota Human Rights Act, people shall have equal opportunity for the following: Employment ¦ Housing ¦ Public Accommodations ¦Public Services ¦ Education ¦ Credit

The Fairmont Human Rights Commission seeks to protect the rights of all persons regardless of, but not limited to: Age ¦ Race ¦ Color ¦ Creed ¦ Gender ¦ Religion ¦ Disability ¦ Family Status ¦ Marital Status ¦ National Origin ¦ Sexual Orientation ¦ Status with Regard to Public Assistance

Contact Information

The Fairmont Human Rights Commission offers to any person who feels discriminated against the opportunity for a confidential review of their concerns. The Commission will also advise individuals of options available to assist in resolving their concerns.

There is no cost for services provided by the Human Rights Commission.

If you feel you have a grievance or would like further information, contact:

Fairmont City Offices
100 Downtown Plaza
Fairmont, MN  56031
(507) 238-9461