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MCHS Services

Research Requests:
Research can be done by MCHS for $15.00 an hour for the first hour and $10.00 for each additional hour. Research is done on a variety of things from basic information, obituaries, Sentinel Articles, pictures, etc. A charge lesser than $15.00 may be charged, when determined by staff, for minimal requests when obituary dates or other pertinent information is provided. While we encourage as many people as possible to come and dive into our resources themselves (which is free of charge!) we are happy to do what we can to meet your research needs. Call or email MCHS and we’ll see if we are able to help you out!

Research Requests will be sent after receipt of payment.

Pictures can be sent a variety of ways for different costs:
Emailing a picture will cost $2.00 per image. Emailing more than 5 images will include the hourly research rate.

Scanning and printing copies will cost $8.00 for a quality color photo and $5.00 for a quality black and white photo. Copies printed from our computers onto plain printer paper also cost $8.00 for a color copy and $5.00 for a black and white copy. Placing scanned images on a CD will cost $5.00 for the CD and case plus $2.00 per image. There are several affordable choices to meet your historic photo needs!

Picture requests may include the hourly rate depending on how easily the pictures can be accessed. Requests will be sent after receipt of payment.

If you come down to the museum to do research you may use the MCHS resources are free! The only charge is for copies that are made; the cost is 25 cents per copy.

Motorcar "Birth Record" Research:
The Pioneer Museum is home to the “Birth Records” from the motorcars made at Railway Motors. Each record costs $10 (unless more extensive research is necessary) and can be sent physically through the mail or electronically through email. If you are a motorcar enthusiast and would like information on a motorcar, the most efficient way to inquire about the "birth record" is to email the MCHS at We will get to your request as soon as possible. All items to be mailed will be sent only after receipt of payment.

Parsonage Rental:
The Pioneer Parsonage (Main Floor only) is available for rental! Groups or individuals looking to have a wedding shower, wedding reception, birthday party, baby shower, family reunion, business meeting, or any other meeting, gathering, or event. For regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm) the cost is $25.00. During non-business hours the cost is $50.00 for the first two hours plus $15.00 for each additional hour after that. Catered events are allowed. For events larger than 30 the Pioneer Museum may be utilized as well. For any questions or to schedule an event, contact the museum staff. For more details, see the Parsonage Rental page.

To place a research request or to ask about Parsonage rental either come down to the museum located at 304 East Blue Earth Avenue in Fairmont, call us at 507-235-5178, or email us at We will get to your requests as soon as possible. All items to be mailed will be sent only after receipt of payment.