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Click on the links below to see photos from MCHS' fun events!

2014 MCHS Annual Meeting

The MCHS Annual Meeting was held this year September 18, 2014. We had a very nice meal from Hy-Vee served by youth from St. Paul's Lutheran. Dori Hillestad-Butler was our speaker this year. She is a highly published, award-winning children's author. She spoke about lessons she has learned during her career and about the many different experiences she has had. We also said goodbye to Pastor Steve Berkeland whose second and final term as a Board member came to an end. We then welcomed a new board member, Jeff Hagen of the Photo Press; welcome Jeff! A special thank you to all involved that made the night special and to Pastor Berkeland for all he has done in his years on the board!

Lakester's/MCHS Car Show 2014

The 5th annual Lakesters/MCHS Car Show was held again this past July. We had gorgeous weather and several cool cars, trucks, and tractors on display. The Lakesters served a great lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs with the proceeds going to benefit the Museum. Thank you to everyone who brought their cars, visited, or helped; special thanks to the Lakesters Car Club, SMEC, and the City of Fairmont!

Memorial Day 2014

The museum was open this Memorial Day in conjunction with the activities held by our friends at the Red Rock Center. Many people came out to enjoy their food and festivities, explore the museum, and check out the progress at the Pioneer Parsonage! A special thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this a memorable Memorial Day and to the Red Rock Center for allowing us to be a part of their activities.

Heritage Acres Walking Tour 2014

The MCHS again held their annual Heritage Acres Walking Tour for area 5th graders. Local volunteers portrayed famous area pioneers such as Livery Stable Proprietor John Allison, Newspaper Man Frank Day, Early Entrepreneur Bob Wallace, WWII Nurse Rose Bancks, and Sweet Shop Matron Mary Boosalis. The students numbered over 100 and many had a fun and educational time!

Card Party 2014

The MCHS annual card party was another success this year with many players, great weather, fun games, tasty cake, and several door prizes!

MCHS Veterans Presentations

The past several years the MCHS has been conducting interviews of local veterans. This project has been done largely thanks to Sandy Nuss and her husband Ernie who have interviewed nearly 40 veterans. These interviews are available on DVD and we have been showing them as part of our monthly presentation series.

Railway Motors Open House

The MCHS held an Open House for retired, former, and current employeesof Fairmont Railway Motors/Harsco and their families. Visitors were invited to view our historic Railway Motors displays, help identify items, and share memories together over some refreshments. It was a great day, thanks to all who came!

PM Exchange/Parsonage Open House 2013

This summer we held two special events to celebrate the completion of renovating work on the Pioneer Parsonage. The first was a PM Exchange put on by the Fairmont Chamber of Commerce. The second was our Open House that we put on in conjunction with the Tour of Gardens. We were very excited to show off our newly finished Parsonage to the many who attended!