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Fairmont Icon Map

To view a copy of the Fairmont Historic Sites Map click here

  1. Sylvania Park
    Lake Avenue
    See the old but restored band shell. It’s cavity holds a large City Band each week through the summer months for an appreciative audience.

  2. Red Rock Center For The Arts
    222 East Blue Earth Avenue
    The Red Rock Center For The Arts was designed by Minnesota architect Harry W. Jones for the First Church of Christ Scientist in 1898. It was constructed of Sioux red quartzite. It has 19 beautiful stained glass windows. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

  3. Martin County Historical Society
    304 East Blue Earth Avenue
    Martin County Historical Society was founded in 1929.  Its present building, a former Catholic School, became the Pioneer Museum in 1956.  An addition was completed in 1995, and a state of the art Research Library was completed in 2003.  The museum is open all year, Monday-Friday, and weekends by appointment or for special tours.

  4. Southern Minnesota Educational Campus
    115 South Park Street
    SMEC was built in 1923 as a high school and served various Fairmont Area School functions over the years. In 2004, the building was totally renovated and now hosts multiple post secondary education providers. A portion of the building is designed for health related training.

  5. Fairmont Opera House
    45 Downtown Plaza
    This magnificent building was erected in 1901. For over 70 years it was used for the benefit and entertainment of the community until it’s doors were locked and it was destined to be demolished. Fortunately, in the early 1980s, it was taken over by several concerned citizens and once again is standing tall and proud as the “Jewel of the Prairie.”

  6. Post Office
    57 Downtown Plaza
    This beautiful building was built in 1925 for a Post Office and used as such for about 70 years. Upon the relocation of the Post Office into a new facility in 2001, the building was purchased and converted into beautiful office spaces.

  7. Martin County Courthouse
    201 Lake Avenue
    This site was initially a stockade providing safety to the local citizens against Indian uprisings. It was called Fort Fairmount. The present Court House was built in 1906. Especially noteworthy are the upper level murals and artistic construction. It is considered one of the Top 10 most beautiful courthouses in Minnesota.

  8. Chubb House
    209 Lake Avenue
    The Chubb House was built by Dr. O. P. Chubb from bricks fired locally from clay from the banks of Buffalo Lake near Fairmont, in 1867. It housed several owners but stood idle for some time until volunteers couldn’t bear the thought of the place becoming a parking lot. So in 1992 the concerned volunteers formed the Martin County Preservation Association and began restoring the home. Restoration is now almost complete.

  9. Pioneer Memorial Drive
    Lakeside Cemetery
    The original walk was formed under the auspices of the Ladies Cemetery Improvement Association in 1913. Volunteers again, saved the old and added new blocks of concrete to preserve this history.

  10. Heritage Acres
    507 Lake Avenue
    This is an Agricultural Interpretive Center. Community events and festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Tours by appointment are conducted through yesteryear’s Pioneer Village.

  11. Historic Downtown Plaza