Airport Advisory Board

The Airport Advisory Board will promote, attract and otherwise encourage the development of aviation related trades. The Board will create and implement public relations and information on programs of the airport, maintain polices with respect to the safe operation and management of the airport, maintain a high quality environment in the maintenance and operation of both public and private facilities at the airport, review the annual maintenance program and facility development programs, and perform all other duties assigned to the board from time to time by the City Council.

Kate Hawkins
Dustin Wiederhoeft
Tim McConnell
Mike Schmid
Jeff Varboncoeur
Council Liaison(s): Councilor Cyphers
City Staff Representative(s):
Municipal Airport Manager & City Administrator

Meeting Date
2nd Tuesday of every other month
5:30 pm
Fairmont Municipal Airport Terminal Building

26,733 total views, 12 views today

26,733 total views, 12 views today