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More snow is on the way. Remember, automatic snow emergency occurs in Fairmont after 2 or more inches of snow has fallen. #cityoffairmont #SnowmuchSNOW


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Fairmont's in the yellow so what the hell does that mean

Seconds Count! Please remove snow and ice from fire hydrants close by your property. #CityofFairmont #FairmontMN
Weve been hearing of limited visibility and slippery road conditions in Martin County. Drive Safe & Stay Warm #CityofFairmont #FairmontRoad


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Terrible out by Granada Huntley gravel roads awful also can see road and snow drifting bad huge drifts forming

Jenna Schild I'd stay put.

Roads are NASTY .... especially in the open areas.

Happy Valentines Day! #CityofFairmont
Road Work Ahead! See if your street is part of the 2019 Street Improvement Program! Notices will be sent to affect property owners next week. #CityofFairmont #FairmontRoadsImage attachment


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Cottage Street should be done. The sidewalks are falling apart!

are these projects actually gonna start before July, like say the first week in June, or is the city gonna postpone everything until July or August, like they normally do? Get started early and get the work done. Don't use the excuse of letting bids later, since you know that this is the work you want done.

Lake ave says scheduled for 2020, are all others planed for 2019? Or these are just the ones that are being discussed and are not yet scheduled?

I see we're putting a bandaid on 4th Street's sucking chest wound. Why not throw a little cold patch in the holes and let it go a few more years. It always gets cheaper the longer it gets pushed back. It's not just the road surface that needs attention, the infrastructure needs help as well.

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