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Event Permits

On March 28, 2016, the Fairmont City Council adopted Ordinance 2016-02, which amends Chapter 18 of the City Code relating to camping in certain parks and food truck operation when special events are taking place.

If an event coordinator indicates, on the event permit, that food wagons or camping will be permitted during an upcoming event, the following must occur (for a complete listing of all the code regulations pertaining to Chapter 18, click here).

Food Wagons

  • Food wagons are required to obtain a permit from the City of Fairmont and submit an indemnification agreement holding the City harmless for any damages resulting from food wagon operations.
  • Sales are permitted during 7:00 am – 11:00 pm only.
  • Drainage from food wagons onto public property or public sewers is prohibited.
  • Food wagons cannot connect to City water, sewer or electricity.


  • Primitive and RV camping areas are available at Cedar Creek Park. Tent and RV camping areas are available at Winnebago Avenue Sports Complex. Please see the maps below for approved locations.
  • A special event camping permit is required and must be approved for RV camping in Cedar Creek Park, RV camping and tent camping at the Winnebago Avenue Sports Complex.
  • Camping stays are limited to 3 days at a time; no more than 6 days per month.
  • Additional guidelines in place; see additional camping program guidelines below.

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