New Ordinances

Newly adopted ordinances by the Fairmont City Council are available by selecting the various link below.

Adopted 10/12/2020
Ordinance 2020-10: Ordinance amending Fairmont City Code, Chapter 26 – Zoning.

Adopted 7/27/2020
Ordinance 2020-09: Ordinance establishing Franchise Fee on Natural Gas companies operating in the City of Fairmont, MN.

Adopted 7/13/2020
Ordinance 2020-08: Ordinance amending 2019-12 establishing a rural and urban service district within the municipal limits of the City of Fairmont, MN

Adopted 6/22/2020
Ordinance 2020-05: Ordinance to Sell Real Property: 512 N Elm Street, Fairmont, MN

Adopted 5/26/2020
Ordinance 2020-07: Emergency Ordinance for COVID-19 Declared Local Emergency

Adopted 03/23/20
Ordinance 2020-04
: Ordinance to sell real property: 110 Webster Street, Fairmont, MN

Adopted 02/10/20
Ordinance 2020-03: Ordinance amending City of Fairmont Zoning Map: Rezoning parcels of land at 924 Lake Avenue from I-2 Heavy Industrial to B-3 General Business

Ordinance 2020-02: Ordinance amending Ordinance 2013-03 relating to Public Utility Wastewater Rates

Ordinance 2020-01: Ordinance amending Ordinance 2019-01 relating to the Softened Water Service Rates

Adopted 10/14/19
Ordinance 2019-16: Ordinance to delete and replace Ordinance 2017-09, adopting a 1/2 percent sales and use tax for the City of Fairmont

Adopted 07/08/19
Ordinance 2019-13: Ordinance amending Fairmont City Code Chapter 2, Administration, Article IV. Departments and Divisions, Section 2-188 (4)

Adopted 06/24/19
Ordinance 2019-12: Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2018-15:Establishing a Rural and Urban Service District within the Municipal Limits



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 15,099 total views,  3 views today