New Ordinances

Newly adopted ordinances by the Fairmont City Council are available by selecting the various link below.

Adopted 4/22/19
Ordinance 2019-11:  Ordinance Amending City of Fairmont’s Zoning Map

Ordinance 2019-10: Ordinance to sell real property: 415 E 6th Street, Fairmont

Ordinance 2019-09: Ordinance to sell real property: 407 N Elm Street, Fairmont


Adopted 2/25/19
Ordinance 2019-08: Ordinance amending Fairmont City Code Article III, Section 26-152 R-1 Single-family Residential District

Ordinance 2019-04: Ordinance to sell real property, 26 Downtown Plaza, Fairmont, MN

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