New Ordinances

Newly adopted ordinances by the Fairmont City Council are available by selecting the various link below.

Adopted 11/21/2023
Ordinance 2023-05: An emergency interim ordinance pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 462.355, Subd. 4, Establishing a Study Period and Moratorium for a Period up to Twelve Months on Development within Certain Property Located in the City of Fairmont.

Adopted 7/24/2023
Ordinance 2023-02: An ordinance amending Ordinance 2021-02 Establishing a Rural and Urban Service District within the Municipal Limits of the City of Fairmont.

Adopted 01/09/2023
Ordinance 2022-14: An ordinance amending Chapter 26 of the City Code regarding water-oriented accessory structures.