Silt Fence

Construction Site Information

Post Construction Stormwater Requirements
Use the Post Construction Stormwater Standards Guidance Flow Chart and additional materials below to meet the requirements. Please reference Chapter 25 Utilities Article IX. Stormwater Management and Appendix A & B. (Stormwater Management Code).

Example Maintenance Plans
Pond Example Maintenance Plan
Infiltration/Filtration Basin Example Maintenance Plan
Pervious Pavement Example Maintenance Plan
Rain Garden Maintenance Plan
Underground Infiltration System Example Maintenance Plan

Land Disturbance Permit Information
The City of Fairmont enforces an ordinance related to erosion and sediment control during land disturbing activities. All land disturbance activities must comply with the ordinance, however, only the following are required to obtain a Land Disturbance Permit (LDP):

  • All land disturbing activities in Tier A of the City’s Shoreland Management District.
  • All new single family home lots.
  • Land disturbing activities that disturb greater than or equal to 5,000 square feet.
 Fees: $0 0-4,999 s.f. $50 5,000 s.f. – 0.5 acres
  $75   0.5 acres – 0.99 acres  $200  1 acre or greater

Land Disturbance Permit FAQ’s

The City’s Stormwater Management Ordinance contains land disturbance, erosion and sediment control requirements (Stormwater Management Code).

Residential Information

Regulatory & Education Materials