Fall Leaves

Leaf Pick-up

The City of Fairmont Park and Street Departments are preparing for the upcoming 2022 Curbside Leaf Pick-up. Crews will be making one pass though the City. Barring inclement weather or any other unanticipated events, pick-up will be based on your location and the schedule, as shown below.

Section 1 – Properties north of Blue Earth Avenue/Lake Avenue
Section 2 – Properties south of Blue Earth Avenue/Lake Avenue and north of Lair Road/Cardinal Street
Section 3 – Properties South of Lair Road/Cardinal Street

Click here for a map of Fairmont, by sections

Section 1 – Week of October 31st
Section 2 – Week of November 7th
Section 3 – Week of November 14th***

***Due to the weather conditions and snowfall this past week (November 14 – November 18), leaf pick-up was placed on hold. City Crews are HOPEFUL to pick-up leaving beginning Monday, November 21 for Section 3. Should pick-up not occur, residents will be responsible for removal.

Additional Notes

  • Please have leaves ready for pick-up by 7:00 am on the Monday morning corresponding to your scheduled week. Leaves will be picked up during the entire week so some leaves may not be removed until Friday of that week.
  • Leaves should be placed in a windrow on the boulevard, within 5’ of the back of the curb. It is the resident’s responsibility to ensure leaf piles are accessible. Inaccessible leaf piles will NOT be picked up.
  • Any bags, sticks, rocks, trash, or other non-conforming items will NOT be picked up.
  • The City offers a Yard Waste Recycling site for city residents: located at 1880 100th Street. City residents can drop off brush, leaves, grass clippings and personal yard waste.
  • Contact City Hall at 507-238-9461 with questions.

When it comes to water quality – Don’t Blow It.

Leaves and grass clippings blown onto the street can be carried into the storm sewers, ending up in area lakes. This has the potential to cause algae bloom.
Help keep our lakes clean and your grass green by keeping clippings and leaves off the street.

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