Rental Housing Ordinance

The City of Fairmont maintains a rental housing ordinance to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of citizens. The ordinance provides minimum standards for rental units and a means for fair administration and enforcement.

Rental Housing Ordinance
Read the full rental housing ordinance online.

Rental Registration Application
This application is used by property owners to register their rental units with the City. After receiving a completed application, the City will assign an inspector to complete a required inspection using the Rental Property Safety Inspection Checklist. Rental units must be inspected before they are rented and every three years thereafter.

Once a rental unit is licensed, a copy of the license shall be posted on an inside sidewall of the unit’s kitchen sink cabinet.

Registration Fee: $5/unit – max of $100 per rental complex

Inspection Fee:

A single building with 1-4 rental housing units $40/unit
A single building with 5-14 rental housing units $30/unit
A single building with 15 or more rental housing units $20/unit
Any unit requiring a reinspection $20/unit


Rental Property Safety Inspection Checklist
This checklist is used by inspectors to ensure a rental unit is safe, healthy, and livable. Not all items on the checklist will apply to every property. Property owners can use this checklist to make necessary improvements to a unit before it is inspected.

Rental Complaint Form
This form can be used by any person to make a complaint to the City about the health and safety condition of a rental unit. The identity of a complainant is kept confidential by the City unless it receives a court order to release that identity. Complaints should be as specific as possible and reference an item in the Rental Property Safety Inspection Checklist.

After receiving a written complaint, the City will notify the property owner and provide them 48 hours to address the issue. If the issue has not been addressed within that time, the City will inspect the property. If the issue is then substantiated by an inspector, the City will work with the property owner to develop a timeline for repairs.

If you have questions about the rental housing ordinance or how to use these documents, please contact:
Darcy Jones, Community Development Secretary

Rental Housing Brochure